My Landlord Came In My House With Out Notice Can She Get In Trouble For That?


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No, he can not with out a really good reason. If you have signed a contract, lease agreement I would check to see if he has some clause in it to allow him to enter at any time. I believe that he is abusing your rights to privacy. I would ask him what's up. Are you a single woman? If yes, I would definitely get it stopped it's too freaky in this day and age.
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No,your landlord needs to give you a 24 hour notice, the only way he could come in is if your place was on fire or if someone called and said there was stucturial damages.
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Well, it's not ok infact its bad that landlord walks into your house without your permission its wrong but there are some facts on which he has right to do so. He has right to do so if you r defaulter or you are not following terms and conditions mentioned in your document of contract.

And if any of your action bothers him so he has to right to warn you and if the tenant again disobeyed that warnings or ignore those warnings and continue his actions, in that case landlord has right to take some action against tenant but with the involvement of law and order agencies after that he s right to enter in your house because you are the tenant of him not the owner of property. So it's very obvious that he has more rights toward property as you have.

So it's better for a tenant to obey terms and conditions of contract, and if the tenant wants to do some changes or some other objections on terms and conditions so it would better it he/she discuss them with Landlord.
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Normally, that is not acceptable behavior. If you have a pending maintenance request on file they can enter, if they happen upon a flood they can enter. I typically issue at least 24 hours notice of an inspection if I am visiting a unit for the purpose of inspection and no other reason. Check your lease. I have worked for places that have it in their lease agreements that they have the right to enter but there is a fine line between an inspection and harassment.
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NO! You pay to live in a place for privacy. Nobody can invade that without your permission (including the police without an invitation or a warrant). Otherwise, there must be a PROBABLE CAUSE that there is imminent danger to you and/or others. Outside of that, you can sue anybody who walks into your home without permission.
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Yes its called trespassing, breaking and entering. If your lease has a clause stating she can enter without notice to inspect, you can't do anything. If you have no written anything, tell her not to do it again and to make an appointment with you to let her in while you're home. Other than that she can enter only for emergencies that can save life or property and thats it.

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