How Much Notice Does A Landlord Need To Give Before Raising The Rent Amount?


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I was renting from this landlord and was paying the same rent for the past five years.  I have a lease.  He never verbally or in writing told me of any rent increases for the past five years.  When I moved out, he told me of the five years CPI increases that I needed to pay.  I told him that you've never given me any notice or else my plans may have changed sooner than later.  He admitted that he was busy and have not thought about it until I moved out.  He has a lot of properties.  I give him 1/2 of $6K that he wanted.  I am thinking that's stupid of me because he threaten me of a lawsuit and how he knows rental laws.  He made me sign a promissory note to pay.
The lease clearly says that there may a rent increase every year, if any.  Then he's basing the CPI from the Bay Area, San Francisco/San Jose.  I live in Sacramento.  Now there's a HUGE difference in the two areas as far as rent is concerns.  Any suggestions?
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Usually, a landlord must give you 30 days notice before raising your rent. Unless otherwise written into your lease. This gives you an opportunity to turn in your notice of leaving if you wish. He is breaking your lease this way, not you.

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