Why Is It Illegal For A Woman To Be Topless In Public?


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It can disturb childern and other people
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Stewart Pinkerton
Most healthy children have seen female boobs up close and personal, and have even sucked on them! Totally irrational Puritanism from a religious society which promotes peace and love, yet hates the female body...................
Doo Koo
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Also, are bikini swimsuit tops on a toddler really necessary?
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I don't think asking a woman to cover her breasts would be considered hating the female body.
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It depends where you live -   it's not illegal in Scotland for a woman to be totally nude in public, although hypothermia may result!
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I think it's a bunch of BS!!! I have seen men in public with their shirts off...and they have bigger boobs then some women!!!! WTF is wrong with this pic?? LOL
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Just uptight people who control the lives of everyone else. They can't control seeing a boob so they take it away from the rest of us. Same schmucks that wanna cover up statues of topless women.
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Didge Doo
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"The puritan through life's sweet garden goes;
He plucks the thorn and throws away the rose."
-- anonymous

You're right Anonny mouse (say, you didn't write that verse, did you?) Those who can't will make sure that those who can, don't.
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Sexual bias and sexual envy cause gender specific inferiority complexes as a part of a not so evolved mental process known as human nature. Individuals can overcome this much easier than the masses can.
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It wasn't illegal anywhere in the US until the late 1800's when religious groups thought women showing more than their hands and head would lead to the temptation of men, and therefore impure. This was spread more by church than the state and surprisingly most states its still legal unless it upsets someone which then makes the legal act of topless the crime of public indecency. Stupid huh?

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Because it's overexposure of the female body. If women were allowed to go topless in public, it would be evident that our society has reached its all time low.

Even in some countries where women are allowed to go, there are some social situations where a man can do it but a woman can't. Then there are some countries that have allowed it for so long, but the approval by other women towards women who go topless is declining.

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You've obviously never visited Bondi Beach or you may not have asked this question. There are lots of beaches in Oz where topless is sanctioned.

Of course, women aren't the only people with boobs. In the BBC series, Rebus, a middle aged detective inspector was hitting on his attractive DS. She rebuffed him, saying, "I prefer to go out with men whose breasts are smaller than mine." 

But male or female, ageing threatens the same fate for all: Our chest will fall into our drawers. When that happens, both genders would do well to cover up. :(

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