How Do I Find Notice Of Default Free Listings In California ?


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Briefly, when a homeowner falls at least three months behind on their mortgage payments, a notice of default is recorded and posted with the country recorder where the property sits.  The notice of default is, basically, a warning that the property will be foreclosed on if the payments are not caught up within a reasonable or arranged time frame.  If you can get your hands on a notice of default before the property goes into foreclosure, which is usually 90 days after the issuance of the notice, you can begin negotiating with the homeowner or the bank.

If you are looking to find a notice of default, then, you can simply access them at county records because they are freely available to the public.  You may even be able to avoid a drive into the city, which can take time and cost money for parking, by accessing some of the public records online.  At the same time, you can also go to the county assessor’s office to inquire about any properties with unpaid property taxes, which is a good idea because if you choose to move forward you will have to fill out an application and pay a small fee in order to bid on the property when it moves into that stage.

Speaking of the internet, there are also some websites that allow you to subscribe to Default Listing services.  They might require you to sign up for an email newsletter or other auxiliary services so be sure you read the fine print before you finalize your request.
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Well, you can find free sites but it usually results in unwanted emails Best bet is to subscribe to a service dedicated to doing the research required to providing  you with the most up to date and  multi resourceful information possible. The term default is of little use until you until you specify what was defaulted on and to whom the debt is now owed to.I can give you this one example; If you wish to find out about properties in default due to unpaid property taxes you can go to the assessors office and see if they have a listing of those properties. But even so they reguire a small fee to be paid for the lists and an application fee to enable you to bid for a property that is to be auctioned off to pay the off the outstanding debt. Auctions usually occur quarterly. Bank repos are a separate subject etc     

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