How Do I File A Restraining Order In California?


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To file a temporary restraining order or TRO, follow the given instructions:

You will need to fill out a Request for order – Form DV-100 and a Temporary Restraining order Form – DV – 110. Question the court clerk about special rules or forms in your county. The above mentions forms are to be filled and given to the court clerk right away. Other forms that need to be filled out later are – form DV- 120, form DV-130 and form DV-200. After filling these forms, you need to take them back to the court clerk. The clerk will then submit your forms to the judge. The judge will have a look and make his decision. He may even ask to talk to you before he does. When the judge signs the order, the court clerk will file it and give you some stamped copies for you to keep a record. You must then attend a hearing to obtain a permanent restraining order.

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