How To Get A Restraining Order?


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A restraining order also known as equitable remedy is a kind of a court order where a client needs to abstain from doing particular acts. A restrain order can be easily obtained by filing an application in court along with valid documents and reasons.

These documents are then assessed by the court of law and the restraining order is passed. If the party against whom the restraining order has been passed fails to stick to the injunction is liable to face civil or criminal contempt of court and might have to pay remunerations or sanctions for failing to pursue the orders given out by the court.

In certain cases a violation of the injunctions are thought to be very grave criminal offences which result in merit arrest and probable prison sentence.
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The term 'restraining order' describes an official order given by a court judge. This kind of order does not require any trial in court and lasts only for a limited period of time.

To get the restraining order, all one has to do is follow a proper legal procedure to make your case strong.

Here are some ways in which you could make you case strong: first of all lodge a complaint with the police so that you can say point out how disgusted and hurt you have felt about the offence committed against you. And the next best thing to do is hire a good and trusted lawyer who knows the law and can get around it in order to get the ruling in your favour.
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I am only interesting in a restraint order to stop my x-partner entering the property

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