Do Landlords Have A Right To A Key?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Yes if nothing else for emergency purposes to their property
Jason Levy Profile
Jason Levy answered

Yes , they have rights but should inform you before entering in your apartment .

Matilda Kunher Profile
Matilda Kunher answered

I think so, Yes. I agree with the previous comments. The owner of the house has the right to the key, but he has no right to enter the house without your permission if you rent it. I rented a furnished apartment here I forgot my house keys. My master gave me a duplicate key. I'm glad he had spare clubs. It is very convenient!

nettie Profile
nettie answered
Yes they do but are suppose to notify you 24 hours in advance of any reason for entry, the best to you
olleria Plunkett Profile
Yes,but should let you know when they want to see the house in advance.
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Anonymous answered
In English law the answer is yes but they don't have right of entry without your permission. If you don't feel safe change the lock. If the lanlord complains you know h has been trying to enter your property which is ilegal and shouldbe reorted to te police.

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