If The Landlord Wants To Sell The Property That I Am Renting, What Rights Do I Have?


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There is really nothing you can do except to move, as the property belongs to the landlord and he can do with it as he pleases, what rights are you looking for,he did what he should have done he let you know he is selling the property.....the best to you....
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Bgirl525, you obviously don't know anything about tenancy agreements then. To answer this question you should read up on Section 21 of the housing act 1988 and also section 8 of the same act. The landlord/lady has no rights to throw you out unless you have breeched the contract of has given you prior notice before the contract was signed that he/she might be looking to sell within the fixed term tenancy. If you need more information see the Tenancy Agreement Services webiste.
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That's the chance we take when we rent homes. Depending on the laws in your state, a landlord has to issue a thiry day notice to you.  Did you have a lease and do you have any time left on that particular lease or non renewal, and are now on a month to month basis.  The best thing to do is contact the housing regulator in your city.
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It depends did you sign a lease?if you did then you might have until the lease runs out but it also depends on your state laws or are you just renting month to month.then you might have trouble.
I hope this helps and good luck
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A renter where I live would have 30 days to leave, or sign a new lease with the new owner.

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