Do I Still Have To Pay Rent If The House I'm Renting Is In Foreclosure?


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Yes! Yes! Yes! You are obligated to pay rent until the actual sale at foreclosure. Many states have a system whereby you can pay your rent into an escrow account through the courts to be sure it goes to the right place. If I were you, I would call the bank that's foreclosing and find out when the sale is. When the sale goes through, you should not pay your current landlord one more nickel.
I think I'd also make a call to an attorney (or see if you can find someone who knows at at the courthouse) to see exactly what may happen with your security deposit. You sure don't want to lose it.
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Do you have to eat the lose of your security deposit then? I figure my landlord spent it.
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Yes you do as your lease is still valid but to whom is the question, file with court to be safe here
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Yes, you are. Your landlord's financial dealings have nothing to do with you paying rent. You cannot live rent free. You may want to contact an attorney to see how you could put the rent money into escrow so that it just doesn't go to line the landlord's pockets.

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