I Have Termites In My Apartment, Do I Have To Pay Rent?


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Zack -  Mr. GenXer Profile

Listen. Just tell your landlord about your termite beef so he/she can fix it. In the meantime, continue to pay your rent. However, if he/she doesn't fix the problem, that's a whole other problem.

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sam weedwiki answered

You firstly tell your landlord about the problem after that you can take this action.

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Hanery Kroze answered

Inform your landlord and tell for pest control in the house. Else termite will eat all your assets.

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Landlord and tenancy laws differ from place to place .. But, typcially, you are still obligated to pay rent even though you have an infestation.  It is always advised to deal with the problem by using a 'paper trail' process.  Send your landlord a letter in writting advising of the problem and send a copy to your local Landlord's and Tentancy authority  office, and make sure to advise your land lord that you have done so.  It would also be a good idea to contact your local office about what you can and can not do.

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Arthur Wright answered
As long as you havent legally complained which requires a written notice giving 30 days to fix problem, you still must pay rent

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