How Can Get A Copy Of My Old Apartment Lease Agreement?


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You may ask it from the landlord itself as it is your right to have copy of lease agreement

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Firstly you can ask for your landlord if they refuse then you can take some legal action.

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Barb Cala
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And renters should have some responsibility for having that in their files too. No one should sign any document without getting a copy.
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I am going to ask you a question; Why didn't you hold to your copy of the old lease aggrememt?
Now to answer that question. All you can do is see if you can get a copy from the landlord other then that keep looking for your copy. If somebody asked me what you wanted with old system we used l tell you to forget it. I did one time do it. Spent several houres locating a person that lived in an appartment severl years prior but that was for the police.

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