What Do I Have To Do Illegally To Evict A Family Member Who Pays No Rent?


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I have a family member that was staying with me since May. We had got into an altercation Sunday night and I kicked her out. She assulted me for kicking her out and I called the police. No arrests were made because I had markings on my face and she had a torn shirt. The police told me that shes not allowed on my property unless she calls the police to get her belongings. Within these two months, she hasn't payed anything and basically lived off me for free. There was no contract thow. Can I use her belongings as collateral for non payment of rent, then once she pays she can have her belongings back?
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You can take them to the court as they have not given the rent and it is your right to get them evicked

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Tough love here as you will use the legal eviction process here to do this and you will upset the family status quo
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The legal way to evict a tenant, that hasn't paid rent is to take them to court.
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Serve the person with a eviction notice and the person will have 30 days from the date of the eviction notice to vacate, if not gone within the 30 days you can file in small claims court, keep a copy of the notice for yourself, the notice should include the reason for eviction non payment etc...the best to you

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