How Long Do You Have To Hold Onto Renters Property, If They Abandoned House?


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You can to search on "Landlord and Tenant Guide" or get one at the courthouse where the property is being rented.
From my knowledge, yes you can evict a tenant if they have not paid rent for 30 days, in California. You can give a certain amount of time for the tenant to pick up their belongings, otherwise you have every right to clean up the house because they do not live on the premise anymore. For your own records just in case the tenant might take you to court, go rent a storage to hold their belongings. That way you reassure the judge that you aren't trying to destroy the tenant's items. All the fees and maintenance you used you can charge the tenant for it also keep all receipts. Make sure you have all proof and documents, record down everything you do. Keep records on all calls made or even record conversations. Best of luck to you.

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