How Can I Claim Abandoned Property?


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In order to claim an abandoned property, you need to have a proof in writing stating that you are the rightful owner of that property. The proof is usually the property documents. You will also have to show your identity proof. You have to submit all these details with a form attached to it where you will get it at the Division of Abandoned Property. You might also have to pay a small fee along with the form. The state will investigate in this matter and go through all the records and verify your details. After a week or so, you will receive the property papers in your name and you will become the rightful heir of that particular property.

It is not mandatory to appear in front of the Division. You can also mail all your details by mail. The heir can claim rights to the property at any time of his life and there is no expiry period.
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How can you claim abandoned that is next to my own property. I have cut this property for many years. The city only cut this property maybe five times in the last fifteen years. I cut it myself.
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I asked a question about claiming unclaimed property, but I don't know where to look for the answer

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