If My Apt Has Mice. Can I Break My Lease?


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First you need to contact your landlord in writing and explain the situation with the pest problem. They have 14 days (depending on your local landlord tenant laws) to respond to the issue. Landlords have a responsibility to provide you with a safe and healthy living environment. If they choose not to assist in correcting the problem then you send them another written correspondence, after that period, informing them of the landlord tenant act (you can find a copy of that online for your city). You need to inform them if they do not correct the problem within a certain number of days (check with your local agency to verify time allowment) then you will be forced to vacate the premises due to unsafe living conditions, and that they (landlord) is choosing to breach the agreed contract. Always maintain a copy of each correspondence that you send to your landlord for possible usage in legal issues.
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Send it registered mail so you have a signature that they recieved it. Or if you hand deliever it have them sign a reciept of delivery.
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First of all, with mice it's never just one or two. Also, mice never venture more than 15 feet away from their nests due to their poor eyesight. So the mice are living in your walls. My landlord tried to pull that, "they must be running in the basement door" crap with me. Another terrifying thought, mice bread ridiculously fast! Like a litter every 5 weeks! No, call your code enforcement officer, and have them come inspect the premises. It is not your responsibility to remove dead mouse carcases from traps either. This will only slow the problem by not even a noticeable difference. It is state law, and check with your state codes, that the landlord is responsible for pest and rodent removal if there are 2 or more apartments in your dwelling. If you're renting a house, you may be up a creek...
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If you have notified the landlord of the problem and he/she has not done anything about it, then I believe you have grounds to break your lease because it is a health hazard.
You will need to notify the landlord that you are breaking the lease for this reason with a written statement and have him to sign it.
Or you could just buy some rat traps. They make claw type ones now that are very good and the mice are easily removed from them.
  You also need to figure out, (or have the landlord to), where the mice are getting into the building from and close it off. If you have a clothes dryer that is vented to the outside, that might be how they are getting in. A piece of screen over the end of the vent pipe will solve the problem.
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It all depends on the various clause of your lease. Firstly you have to see what is the period of lease and what is the minimum period mentioned on your lease for staying in the Apartment. If you are through with your minimum stay period, give a week's notice and leave the apartment. Also if there is a clause that says that either parties have the right to cancel the lease due to unfavorable circumstances, you can use that clause and leave the apartment. Otherwise contact your landlord and explain the situation to him. If he allows you to leave, take it as a favor.
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Our lease was up in feb.we signed another one until june 30 but are ready to move now!!!!! At the time we had signed this short one we had notified landlord of mice problem sence then it has got worse.. We are catching several mice. There is poop in every room and there are things big loud living in the walls and ceiling.. They are so loud at night we are all not getting sleep I have 4 children and we are all terrified. I think maybe rats or squirls I don't know for sure but they squeal and scratch and its to loud to be mice??
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I think firstly you should discuss your problem with your owner. If he does not take any action, then you should think about breaking the lease.

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I would like to suggest you that firstly you should discuss your problem with your owner. If he does not take any action, then you should think about breaking the lease.

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