In The Sate Of Arkansas What Can A Landlord Do If You Break A Lease?


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1) File vagrancy charges against you; 2) File a judgement against you that will report on your personal credit report and in all databases of other and existing rental reporting data with other apartment communities; 3) File for collections against you and turn over the total amount of rent owed to you that you currently have not yet paid to your landlord; 4) Seize, Keep or Hold on to your existing security deposit paid at the time in which you first rented your apartment and not return it to you as agreed; 5) Immediately re-rent the apartment to the next tenant that wishes to apply for it and not allow you to enter it once you've vacated it and/or broken your lease; and 6) Once turned over to a collection agency and the process of collection has taken place; your landlord will have the option of continuing to renew the collection claim for a maximum of 14 years or longer for as long as the debt is owed. He/She can continue reporting it negligent to any and/or all collection agencies that he/she sees fit, which can cost you your personal credit history once all the collection agencies are assigned your account from your landlord.
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Read your copy of the lease. Are you military? When I lived in Arkansas, the landlord may sue you in small claims court for the remainder of the lease and win. This will stay on your credit report. You may want to try to work something out with your landlord. Most landlord's are willing to help you if you communicate the truth with them and do not trash their building. Good luck as tenants do not have least not the same as a landlord.

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