My Landlord Knows There Is Mold In My Home, But Still Won't Release Me From My Lease. Now What?


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We went through the same thing and what you need to do is get a health inspector to look at the mold to determine if it was harmful or not. It was and we told or landlords that we needed it fixed or released out of our lease. They fixed the problem but they also raised the rent too. On health situations I do not like to risk my family's at all.
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I think you should just move without notice then if the landlord wants to pursue it he will have to file in court and you will get your day in court at no cost to you. N o judge in the world would make a person stay in a rental that could potentialy make you sick I would also filee a counter suit for doctors bills and the discomfort of having to live there as long as you have be sure to have a written letter from your doctor if possible get him to come to court with you!
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The landlord has already had an inspector out, and a test done that showed levels of mold. I'm an asthmatic, and it's making me sick to be here. I've had allergen tests done on myself as well, which shows I'm allergic to mold. The landlord says because the mold levels are not high, he won't let me out of the lease. But my doc is furious, and says he wants me out of the house ASAP
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You can talk to the landlord/tenant board about it, or even health inspectors. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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