Can I Break My Lease Due To Harassment By Another Tenant?


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Check your town ordinance about noise.  If the town ordinance states no disruptive noise after a certain time then call the police! If you need to call the police several times!  Maybe eventually the police will help you get in contact with their landlord!
Good Luck! I feel for you, I'm an owner of a second floor condo & deal with this issue too!
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You break it, you will still be penalized with paying the remainder of the leaser. That's the thing about leases. No one cares to read the fine print. All I can say is quit calling the landlord, and start calling the police. Get them to write a report about this, and go to your landlord about it if he hasn't heard already about you calling the cops. Got to be a firm and tough tenant. He's the landlord and he is supposed to make things livable for you and your family.
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If you have a place that deals with landlord and tenant problems you can go to them and request to be let out of your lease early and why. You have to provide seomthing from the police department. The case will go up infront of a judge and they will decide weather the landlord has done what they can to stop it. If it is proven they have not done so you will be let out of your lease. Look into this,.
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You can break the lease under the terms and conditions of your agreement. You may be penalized for it but you must read your lease agreement before doing anything.
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I have 4 more months left before the lease is over but i dont know if i can still stay there do to my Ex Boyfriend hits me wehn he gets mad I just had a concussion due to him picking me up and drooping me on the floor,how can i break the lease if we both on the lease.

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