Can my landlord perform electrical work in my property?


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Ok it may differ from state to state but here in kentucky any land owner can do their own electrical work and theres other ways around it to because i do this for a living and im not even licensed to do it and do it on new homes as well and when the inspector comes the owner just claims they did it,easy as that and have even been doing work when a inspector showed up but as long as you say"your just helping a friend and heres no compensation" its legal as well,been doing this for 15+ years without any problems even have a couple of friends who are licensed who sometimes help me out with them little,theres loopholes in everything..
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Ricky Diaz answered
Yes he can because even though its your house or property its his land and if he wants he can even throw you out.
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paul Buse
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He absolutly CANNOT throw me out without cause to do so. Even if I was a terrible tenant it would take nearly six months of court proceedings to evict me. Check your facts before you respond.
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Only if they are a licensed electrician otherwise it is a code violation and you can report them
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Arthur Wright answered
Yes he can if necesssary and has an idea what he is doing as hes responsible for some maintenance on his property
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paul Buse
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Ok ...your both wrong. Checked with the local building inspector (online) and it turns out he needs a licensed proffesional to do this job. Thanks tho.
Arthur Wright
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Wrong again as a maintenace man can do work here or the owner can do on his own property without any license or his authorized agent unless its beyond his scope of expertise because I was a maintanance engineer all over the US and could work on any of my bosses properties so Buildings inspector is wrong here

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