How Often Does A Apartment Owner Have To Change Carpet And Paint?


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While some states and individual cities stipulate specific time frames on the changing of carpets and repainting in apartments, some have little to no regulation in those areas.  You can find this information at your local city hall or through Internet resources.  Landlord and tenant obligations differ immensely from state to state, and the initial negotiations and final lease are where this information will likely be obtained.  There are many useful websites to assist in finding your local regulations, including, and

Negotiating these concerns prior to leasing is going to be your best bet.  Once you have taken possession of the apartment, it is generally acceptable to ask for fresh paint at the renewal of a two-year lease.  With carpets, if not regulated by local ordinances or agreed upon prior to the lease signing, are undoubtedly a bit trickier. If addressed prior to the signing of a lease or during a lease renewal, you can have it written into the official lease.  Once you have accepted occupation of the apartment, it will be much harder to negotiate a needed paint job or carpet replacement without local regulatory assistance.   

Be prepared to negotiate, as some landlords will show an apartment needing both paint and carpet hoping you won’t notice.  If you note that the carpet is due to be replaced or the walls need repainting, ask the landlord when they intend to do these things, it’s ultimately up to you.  Remember, due to the current housing slump we are in a buyer’s market, so use this leverage to your advantage.
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No, they simply provide a residence in the condition as rented. Some States have Renters Laws which are to prevent a Slumlord of someone that charges a normal rent for substandard living environment but this usually relates to substandard conditions such as a run-down building, plumbing, electrical and related infrastructure and trash issues. You would need to check with the Slumlord requirements for the State you live to find out these laws.
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In the state of ohio.... The landlord must put new carpet in every two years. They can tell you they will go up on your rent put they say that to try and make you change your mind about new carpet. But they have to abide my the law and put in new carpet every two years regardless of what they say.
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I live in california I've been in my apartment for 6 years the carpent was new when I moved in  but it was the cheapest  carpet you can buy. I have my own carpet cleaner. The carpet just needs to be replaced. So my question to you is  how long do you have to live in a apartment before you can ask the landlord to replace the carpet?
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It all depends on the condition of the carpet and paint used. But such
things must be reviewed on annual basis. Depends on your  choice especially.

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It all depends on the condition of the carpet and paint used. But such things must be reviewed on annual basis. If your paint has started cracking up, you must arrange for new paint. For carpets, you can make use of industrial cleaners, that might give a few extra months to your carpet. And if that does not work you would have to change it.
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I have a 15 or older carpet in my apartment its so old they stopped making it. I was told that the were to be changed every five to ten years. Can my landlord get in trouble for not changing it and can any one get sick for having such a old carpet
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I am having the same problem. The landlord told me that he only replaces the carpet when a tenant moves out. Otherwise, I can replace it myself. I am going to speak to an attorney and get back to you.
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I have been renting the same apartment for over 20 years and there have been three different owners of my complex within that time.  The carpet is in dyer need to be changed, they will change it but they will also go up on my rent.  Can they do this, I have been here 20+ years and there are some things that really need to be done in this unit.  Such as new toilet, new vanity in the bathroom, and carpeting.

What can I do to have this work done?
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I think any owner will change the carpet and paint if some one is either renting that house or moving out of that house in between, it's your responsibility to take care of these things.

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According to me, It all depends on the condition of these things which you mentioned here. But such things must be reviewed on annual basis. Depends on your  choice especially.

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The carpet and pant needs to be changed in every 2 year by the landlord and its reponsibilty of the landlord to change it when one tenants laeve the house.

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No you have the carpet cleaned,you can ask the landlord about paint but once you rent a house,apartment you keep it clean just as you would your home if you owned it......good luck
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No not while you are living in the apartment. Once someone has move out yes of course they would have to change the carpet and paint the wall.

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