What Is The Law In The State Of Virginia Regarding The Landlord's Responsibility For Replacement Of Carpeting In A Rental Home? Are They Required To Replace It And If So, How Often?


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As far as I know there is no legal requirement to change carpets in rental properties, although it is common sense that the Landlord can expect to get a better rent for a nice clean property. It is absolutely not your responsibility to have the old carpet taken out and the floorboards done. You could only be liable for carpet cleaning.
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You forgot to tell her to go to the landlord/tenant board, as there is a stipulation about a carpet being 10 years old and older. It might just be that she can make the landlord change it in her state. You got a wow from me, for a good answer.
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There is a law saying she has to provide a carpet I believe to be 5yrs or newer. She can only charge you to have a carpet to be cleaned or replaced if the damages are beyond normal wear and tear and in a apartment with carpets older than 10yrs she can't charge you anything since the carpets were supposed to be replaced before you moved in. I would def. Call someone.
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Sounds to me like your dealing with a shady landlord! Unless you have damaged the carpet with major stains, holes or other forms of damage, you should not be legally liable. It will be on her for the burden of proof. If you did damage the carpet, that's what a security deposit is for, if it is more then the security deposit, then she will need to take you to court, I doubt that'll happen. But above all of this, there is NO absolutely NO reason why you should have to pay to have the hardwoods replaced. If it's carpet there then it is replaced with carpet. Not expensive refinishing of hardwoods.
She's out to get your money for something she doesn't want to pay for. She's playing a game right now to see if you'll buckle or bend. Don't give an inch! Good Luck!

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