Can My Landlord Store His Personal Property In A Shed In The Backyard Of The Home That I Am Renting?


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He can't keep anything of his in a space that you rent. If it continues,first send a certified letter asking him to get his stuff out and if he doesn't you will charge him $50 month. If your lease includes the garage as part of the leased premesis, he has no right to it for his personal use. Second, get a lawyer and have your rent reduced each month by the legal percentage for the unusable space until he gets his crap out. On the flip side, he may not renew your lease.
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Only if its in the lease agreement that he will be able to store his personal property in or on the property. Your lease includes every square inch within the property lines and unless specified, you can tell him to get rid of it. It'll cause problems but he doesn't have the legal right once you take posesion of the property. You have more rights than he does.
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Not without asking nor can you be made to be responsible for his belongings,if it is taking up space that should be yours,can't see how one can rent part of a space and but still use what they want of it, you can always contact the landlord tenant board......the best to you.....
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Not unless he wants to make concessions to do so and tell him you're definitely not responsible for his stuff stored there
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I would deduct the $50 from your rent....or not pay rent until he has cleared out his stuff.
I too have this same problem, for the last two years, but now my landlord has filed bankruptcy and moved to France, the property is being sold....can I sell his stuff in my garage? He is clearly not coming back to claim it and the new owner wants it out. This is my garage that is apart of my house that I pay rent for. I want this stuff out of my garage so I can use it. He also has a garage that is part of his property, which has even more junk in and the new owner wants that all gone too...but my landlord just moved and isn't clearing out his stuff. What can I do?
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In tn where I live and it is likely the same where you live if you can charge storage for the space taken up and you should be able to deduct the amount from your rent but you have to give notice in writing and check your states renters right I think it falls under the renters right to peace and enjoyment so just call a local realestate lawyer and ask most will tell you without charging anything good luck
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The storage shed needs to be specifically included in your agreement that it is part of the property that you are renting. If you are not renting the whole land and property, merely the room or the house, than whatever else is still his. And like what the rest are saying - so is the responsibility of its upkeep and safety too.

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If you are renting that along with the house no he shouldn't be allowed per say but my landlord is like that he does whatever he feels like with no one to tell him any different
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If the shed was not included in your rental agreement than he can do whatever he wants he still owns the property even though you are renting it from him... :) hope I could help
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You pay less rent since he is using some of the space you are paying for.  Stop paying the rent until he moves his junk out.
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My landlord comes over goes into there barn and when finish they sit outside the barn sun bathing for hours. Is this okay to do I live in michigan
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You can contact the landlord tenant board in your area, and talk to them about this. But normally a landlord can store his stuff somewhere on his properties as long as it doesn't interfere with the tenants. Maybe you should make him deduct some rent for the inconvenience of all of this. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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