I rented a house with 2 other people,can my landlord take just me to court, of does he have to take all 3 of the tenants?


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I saw the comment you left AW. It depends on the state you live in. The landlord can take only you to court, but in front of the judge, and with a lease agreement, you would be at fault for 1/3 of the debt owed, if were speaking of rent or damages. Just because your the only one named in the suit does not neccesarily mean you will be the only found at fault. Unless of course it can be proven that you were the only one that caused damage, were arrested, or defaulted. Your room mates may show up with their cancelled checks showing they paid you, you were supposed to pay the rent. Get all your ducks in a row.
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No you can't. You would have to take the room mates to court. If 3 names are listed, and no one person is lited as the primary, he can only get you for what you owe. If the place is clean and not damaged, the 525 deposit should cover your last month, which wasn't paid.
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Usually first person is listed as primary according to law and if the others have split and youre the only one left holding the bag. Now you can sue the other 2 for money owed you in court and would probably win. Try to settle with landlord instead of going to court as an eviction kills your credit rating
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That's a great idea. Don't want something like that showing next time you try to rent.
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He can only take whose name is on the lease agreement only so if thats you, then he can take only to court here as youre the one responsible here for the house and BTW can use the other two against you if not on the lease as per lease agreement on unauthorized tenants

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