Can Landlord Take Internal Pictures Of Home Without Tenant Permission?


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Can a Landlord "secretly" install video camera inside your home and "watch" everything that you do day in and day out for years on end? What is the tenant laws in Colorado? And do they have to give "some" kind of notice? I was paying rent for years, then they told me I did not have to pay them rent anymore, and I could still stay in the home... What are my rights?
I truely believe they have video camera, and I have found over 20 microphones hidden all around the inside of my home, and I believe they are entering my property and "stealing" whatever they want from me (as I am missing almost "half" of what I owned a year ago. All my storage boxes that WERE FULL of items continue to be emptied and left where they were stored. RE: My closets, my garage storage areas, drawers, etc. In every room I have.. What rights do I have.. I am disabled and need ANSWERS please.. Thank you for ANY ADVICE you can help me with...
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Yes, I did, gave her 24 hour notice I was entering...each state may have different laws tho
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Yes they can remember you are just renting it is their property and they can take photos of what they own for anything they want. Like insurance claims etc.

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