Can The Landlord Keep The Belongings Of A Tenant If He Does Not Pay Rent?


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Yes, a landlord can hold your belongings for collateral.
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If I rent a room to a friend and they are gone for a whole month without answering the phone or any other form of communication, is that long enough to consider the remaining property abandoned?
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Yes, this is possible in certain situations that the landlord keeps all the property of the tenant if he does not pay the rent of the house. This all depends upon the lease a tenant signs while having deal with the landlord. At that time if he agrees and permits the landlord to keep all of the belongings of a tenant right after seven days if the tenant does not pay the bill, then the landlord can do so.

And if while having agreement the tenant does not agree to this point then the landlord can never have the right to keep all of his belongings. After that if the tenant does not pay the rent and landlord wants the tenant to pay the bill then the landlord must contact the court instead of keeping the belongings of the tenant because this is illegal as the tenant did not agree on this point during the agreement. But if the scene is this that the tenant leaves that place permanently then the landlord can take the possession of the belongings of the tenant. So, the landlord is bound to take action according to the agreement that is signed while finalizing the deal. He can keep the belongings of the tenant if the tenant agreed about that and signed the lease in this context else the landlord has to take help of court.
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I am current;y living and renting a bedroom in a bed and breakfast hotel and I gave my notice to move out at the end of the month, I payed him half of my months rent and do not have the rest of the money to pay right now. I offered to make payment when I do have the rest of my rent. Is he allowed to keep my belongings until I pay him back?

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