Say you hav a tenant who became ill & his parents are denying their respnsbility of taking care of him, what can you do, as the Landlord, to free yourself from this burden, given the fact that his illness has hardly caused too mch inconvenience to you and the other tenants?


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The cold hard fact is .. You are bound by laws that protect tentants.  Whether or not he/she is ill is irrelevant. As long as the rent is being paid, and the tenant is still staying within the boundaries of your rental agreement, there is no reason to 'do' anything. 

If however, the rent is not being paid .. Then you 'can' take legal action to evict the tenant. 

However .. It all still also weighs on your moral obligations .. THAT is a personal choice on how to handle a case of someone who has 'no one'.  That is a matter of your own conscience. You CAN take the steps to help this person gain the help they need and treat that in a way that will help you sleep at night.

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He does have an outstanding account, and about moral obligations, we believe its best for him to be with his family or be confined in the hospital for proper care. Or at least if he can hire someone to go check on him everyday. Because he stays all the time inside his room. He became depressed. We do not mean to be hard on him, however, who knows what happens next? Good thing my husband was awake when he bled a lot of blood. What if my husband and other tenants aren't home? Who would help him?
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Agreed, he 'should' be cared for by his family .. no question about that. But .. what if he doesn't have family who WILL care for him? That is the problem. If he is that sick, he 'should' be hospitalized. Does he have insurance that would pay for his medical care .. home care? What does HE say about all this?
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You are not responsible for this tenant and have a business to run so don't get emotionally involved with this tenant and do what you must which may even may call for evicting him.  I know this sounds rash but you have the other tenants to think about and have to keep it fair for all. 

If this tenant has a medical problem then he should get ahold of the proper Government Agency that can help him before he does get evicted.  The world isn't fair and nice to all but this is business and that's all, and be careful that his Parents aren't pushing him on you.  Not always easy being a Landlord but you do have a job to do here.  Good luck

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Exactly. we want to evict him not solely because we find it inconvenient. We are actually worried of his condition or what's going to happen to him next time. The guy bled too much blood and called for my husband's help at 4 am. and he collapsed a couple of times and that damaged the door since he's a big guy. He really should be thankful my husband was awake and was able to call 911. 
What if the next time it happens, my husband and other tenants aren't home? or at least, he or his parents cn hire someone to visit and check on him everyday.

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