Will I go to prison for damaging someone's ukuleles? This may sound absolutely ridiculous but I am genuinely scared..
About 3 weeks ago I got in contact with a friend I haven't spoken to or seen in quite a while, maybe 4 years, I was at the pub and he was at home. I asked him to come to the pub and he said he didn't want to and invited me over to his house instead, I thought why not, I hadn't seen him in ages and I was going through a rough time (lost my baby at 17 weeks gestation, had to give birth to him, funeral was coming up) so it would've been nice to see a friend. So I went to his house, I was relatively drunk at this point and we were having a nice time, baring in mind this is a guy I used to sleep with and he kind of left things a bad way by telling me he loved me and stuff and then continued to get back with his ex, his ex whom he had recently broken up with the day I went to his his. So anyway, we ended up getting intimate, probably worst idea in the world but it happened anyway, but straight after, he was acting very weird with me and it made me uncomfortable, he got up and left his room and went to the kitchen and was speaking on the phone to someone and this is where I got upset. I assumed it was his ex girlfriend and it made me feel disgusting, so I confronted him about it and he was angry and things got heated and he said some horrible things like "I should've aborted my son" and was just being so mean, so I lost my temper and got his 2 ukuleles and smashed them on the floor, breaking them, I know I shouldn't have done it but I was upset, I also suffer from borderline personality disorder which adds to my intense outburst, which he knows all about, but still continued to make me upset/angry. So pretty instantly after he run up to me, pinned me down to the bed by my throat and threatened me so I pushed him off me and left his house, absolutely hysterical, I was upset by what I had done. I then later found out he called the police as I got arrested and had to spend 12 hours in a cell, the charge was criminal damage. I also found out that he told the police the reason I reacted and smashed up his ukuleles was because I wanted to have sex with him and he rejected me, which is ridiculous, I have photographic evidence of him sending me his address over the top of a photo of him basically naked showing his private area. I have got to go to magistrates court on Wednesday. What is the likely outcome? Sorry if anyone thinks this is stupid 


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I really doubt you'll see any jail time, probably just have to pay a fine. The guy is obviously a jerk you should have smashed those ukuleles over his fat head.

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Jade, I am SO sorry for your loss. Your story broke my heart. It is full of pain and despair. It oozes your pain. My dear God I wish I could just give you a hug. It is not fair. It is not right. And you have every reason to be upset. I have learned from the past that when one is trying to heal, feel or recover from a loss they will do anything to feel better and it's usually one thing that fails and leads you to another thing, and then another, and then another. It's a snowball effect that gets out of hand and before you know it, you've done things you wish you never did; things you would have NEVER done had you not been trying to fill a void and kill the pain. Suddenly you are looking at your life thinking what the hell have I done! I wish I had my book published already. I'd mail you a copy. I think it might help, if even for a chuckle for a moment. I have no clue legally to your question. My guess is the court will laugh hysterically at the jerk! I am so sorry you are going through this on TOP of what you are already going through! Please take my advice... You will not find what you are looking for in a bottle, bar or bed. Please PLEASE be good to yourself and ask yourself this if you get the urge to "self medicate"... "if I was not hurting right now, is this behavior I would think is safe, moral, or right?" You lost a part of you. Your life will never be the same. I know. I am NOT getting on you or telling you how to feel or what not to feel. There is light at the end of your tunnel. Keep looking for the light. This darkness can not last forever. 😊 Please be good to yourself and your body. Please let us know how everything goes Wednesday.

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Get yourself a good lawyer and tell them full information on what to do but i doubt you will do any jail time but i think you need to get all the information on what this person did to you and take things from there don't leave nothing out , tell everything to that lawyer and make your case.

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US or UK?

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Magistrate courts in the US are "small claims" courts and deal only with certain limited issues. If you were in a US magistrate's court in the US, they don't send people to jail.

I'm not familiar with English courts, but my thought is that it is quite unlikely that you would be put in jail at all.
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Magistrates Courts in the UK are the first level of interaction with the legal system for all offenders. Even if you are the worst unreconstructed terrorist in the world, with a history of sexual offences and "occasionalling actual bodily harm", the police will start by putting you in front of a magistrates court (Indeed, usually if they do not, they must release you, there are exceptions to this). Of course, the magistrates send all serious offenders to a higher court.
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Thanks for your input, Ray.

I looked online for specific information, but found none. Your comment was clear and direct, and I've learned something.

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