What Happens To Personal Property After Eviction Florida?


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You should be taking your personal things with you, but the land lord must keep them safe and protected for a period of time while trying to encourage you to come a remove your belongings,and after a certain time he/ she can do what has to be done to remove your items,why aren't you getting your things the land lord does not eat people does he ....the best to you
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Not true, once the final writ of possession has been served by the sheriff, the locks are changed and the landlord has the right to put any items left behind out on the curb. Most times the landlord, in a larger multi-dwelling complex will let a tenant come back a day or two later and get their things, because they realize that people have hard times. But smaller landlords who need to rerent quickly aren't as easy.
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I had a room mate that had a drug problem and had stole money that I was saving to move with when I received the 24 hr notice so she hid the notice and I was evicted and not allowed to take ANYTHING except the clothes on my back. Not my purse ID Medication NOTHING and my landlord threw away all of my stuff, can she do this?

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