How Long After Court Do I Have To Move After Eviction?


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Generally speaking you have five days. If the owner filed an immediate possession bond and you did not show up for court it can happen in as quick as 24-48 hours after the hearing. (in Texas)
You better decide on moving some place you really like because your credit will be severely affected and it will make it hard to move again, even to another trailer. I would have called a city inspector to evaluate the living conditions and been released from my rental agreement.
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90 days if you have kids
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Are u absolutely positive that in the state of west virginia a tenant being evicted has 90 days (3 months) to physically move out if they have kids? We found the place was never inspected and we have all been getting extremely sick over the past 4 months from a complete infestation of mold throughout the entire trailor...which was never inspected b4 we moved in. We have told the landlord and were laughed at. We r seriously considering not paying anymore mortgage and saving up $$$ 2 move b4 evic
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This is nikog again. Wasnt characters left 2 ask what i had to ask. We have one child...7 months old. This landlord is known for taking rent money and evicting people as soon as she recieves the rent/mortagage. We want to not pay her....period.....and w8 4 an eviction /court notice, go to court, and recieve as much time as applicable by law to stay here in our trailor (for the purposes of saving $$$ to find a suitable and healthy place to live being we are on a fixed income). Will we reli get 90

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