How Does A Case Get To The Supreme Court?


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The journey is a long one & a costly one... Your position on the problem that you have, must be presented at a Court of Law. You argument because of how it was presented, without a connection to existing written statutes or laws or no in the accepted form be declared against your feelings. The point of what you feel was overlooked or incorrectly considered not valid, must be restated to another State Supreme Court, fail to have a decision or judgement that you agreed with go to the Sate Appeals Court. You must loss on the points you believe are not being considered by the Judges in rending their opinion. So now, you must still believe your understanding of the situation is still correct. A written request has to be prepared stating the facts or current laws which provide support of your position. US Supreme Court then has to read the brief and agreed that your point or points are correct. Then the other eight judges have to agreed to rule on the complaint. This is close to the process but has to be checked against a complete outline to be absolutely sure.
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First you file a case in the city court. If the decision of the court goes against you then you can appeal in High Court and if you still get the result against you then you can appeal in Supreme Court. Supreme Court is the highest Court of the country.
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