Could The Drive Toward Unification Lead To A Monolithic Court System And Would Such A System Be Effective In America?


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With just what would be considered only a minimum of exposure to actual courtroom situation: The town or village bar in many if not most instances are presided over by judges without formal training and out the benefit of a Doctorate of Law. Even when the majority of cases appearing before them being traffic related, the insight and understanding of the traffic statues escape their purvue. The bluster and tantrums going to false pride are their trademark. As they rule over the poor and not the represent defendant.

City Court judges face more complex cases and are just as wanting in their hearing the facts and are perplexed when intracies are in play. The day is saved by good attorneys, who have to lead the players through the maze of legal parlance and rules. A good talker trumps many a poorly presented factual case.

On the Supreme Court, all things are a toss up now. You can bet on the breakdown for the final tally. Rarely today's 'stuffed' robes go for the intent of the law but for only pushing their political leanings.

So what will be the plus of having even more clones in robes and gavel toting either a lawyer want-to-be or an unimpressive below average lawyer.

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