How To Write A Receipt For Sale Of Personal Property?


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When it comes to writing a receipt for the sale of personal property there are certain things that you have to include in order for the receipt to be legal. The things to include are who sold the item (yourself), the name of the person who bought the item, how much was paid and the date that the transaction was made.

The first step to do is to record the date of the transaction on the receipt.

Then you should write your own name, the name of your company, the address of your company, the phone number and email address. This will make it clear to the recipient that it is you who has dealt with the transaction.

You should then note down each item that was sold or each service that was offered along with the price. It is sometimes best to do this in a table so that the product and price are clearly indicated.

Write a grand total of the money at the bottom of the page.

The next step is for you to type how exactly the customer paid for the items e.g. Cash, credit card, debit card or check. If they paid in cash then you should record how much they paid and how much change you gave if there was any. If they paid by a check then you should write the check number and the amount. And if they paid by credit or debit card then you should firstly record the type of card record the type of card and the last four digits of the card number.

If you have a returns policy then you should make sure that this is clearly stated for the customer to read on the bottom of the receipt. When you sell goods then you should write the amount of time that they are allowed to bring the goods back.
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For an item that you sold to some one (that is not real estate), you just have to include who sold it, who is buying it, how much was paid and the date. For example:

I_____(your name) received ____(how much money) from ______(who bought it) for the sale of ______(describe item).  


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