How Do You Write A Rent Receipt?


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It is important to write up a receipt for the rent whether you are a property owner, leasing agent or a tenant. A rent receipt allows the renter to keep a record of any payments that have been made and when exactly they took place. This means that should any discrepancies happen at a later date, it is possible to refer back to the paperwork to check the details. Correct rent receipts written at the time will hold up in any disagreements about payments.

The first thing you will need to write on the receipt is the date that rent payment was received. You must write the date that you received the money and not the date that the check was written on, although you can include this information as well if you want. You should then write the tenant's name, the rental property address, the municipality, state and zip code. This address should be written exactly as it is on the signed lease. Next, the amount of money that has been received and the dates it was received between should be written out in full. For example if a tenant has lived in the property for 6 months and was paying rent of $550 a month you should write, "Payment of rent between the period 1 January 2011 and 1 June 2011 of $3,300". After this line you can then write your own name as the recipient of the money, followed by a note about how the tenant paid their rent. If the tenant paid by check you should make a note of the check and the tenant's driver license number. If the tenant paid by credit card you should make a note of the credit card number, the expiration date and the three digit code on the back of the card. If you want, both parties can sign the receipt to acknowledge that they are both agreeing to what has been stated.
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In order to first start with writing a rent receipt you will start with writing a date to the left hand side. Just below that you can mention to whom ever it would concern. Next, write the name and write the address of the tenant.

Your next step is to write 'Received from _ (name of tenant) __ with the sum of rupees (which would be in words) after which you will mention for how much the rent period you paying for.

Last you will need to sign down the name and signature of the landlord.
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I would say...  
On this date [   date    ] I  [ your full name ] received the sum of [   ] in cash from [  tennant full name   ]) the due rental amount for the period  [   ] to [   ]

Then just sign under the details above.

Hope this helps
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If someone is paying their rent for a full year at one time and you are writing a handwritten receipt, You will want to write the full dollar amount and specify, for example Jan 1, 2009- Dec.31, 2009. OR You may issue 12 separate receipts at one time dating each for the day you received the money and in the note section indicating Jan 09, Feb 09, March 09 etc on each one.
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Your receipt should have Date...From...$amount...what the receipt is for...example.....Rent...It should also include how amount was paid ...Cash..Monry Order...Check...hope this helps you and good luck to you...
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So and So
Business address
D.B.A. (if applicable )


Dear ______
  I require a handwritten or printed receipt of all payments made by my self or on my behalf, for the leased rental property at ______ , in which I am the current leasee The reciepts should include all payments made from ___ ( move in date )______ until present day, furthermore, I would like to receive a receipt on day of payment from here on in.
  Thank You,
  Your name
  Your rental address, city, state
  Your contact phone number and/or email
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5 things date amount of money your name there name .signature
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You can buy rent receipts at any stationery store, such as Staples. You would write out the receipt the same as you would write a check.
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You can purchase receipt books from most drug/variety stores where school/business supplies are sold.  These have the basics already printed and provide a carbon copy for your records.  Not very expensive.
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