What Is Sanitary Housing?


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If you are renting a property or live in a mobile property, or even have bought your own house, you are expected to keep it clean and ensure that the cleanliness is up to a standard so no one else is going to be effected by it. Sanitary housing is a condition that everyone is under to ensure that they take care of their homes and do not put anyone else in danger.

• A bad example of sanitary housing would be for you to leave all of your bags of rubbish in your back garden. This is going to attract venom and rats and therefore this is going to put all of your neighbors in danger and it may even danger the pets that they have living with them. Vermin and dirty rubbish can spread infection and disease and you will find that you are going to be in trouble with the law if you cannot abide by the sanitary housing rules that are in place.
• A good example of sanitary housing is simple, you keep your home clean and you ensure that all of your rubbish is taken care of successfully and that it is not left lying around so it can attract certain infections, moulds and animals.

It is not difficult to understand the differences between good and bad examples of sanitary housing and if you think that one of your neighbors is not abiding by the simple rules that are in place you can call the health department and they can be sure to take care of the situation if they need to. It is your right to be happy and healthy, and if someone who lives near you or next door is endangering this, then you have every right to report them and take action.

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