What Constitutes Are Safe And Sanitary Housing?


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I live in a place where the heating vents has dirt and filth in all of them, The basement where their is a bedroom, has dark spider webs all across the ceiling, the heating unit is very big, with piles  and piles of dirt, and dust all over it, their is walls with mold all over it, the tubs where the water runs where we can't wash has mold, and the tub looks old and nasty, The basement looks like the house has been abandoned for years, The bathroom walls where the shower is, is not ceramic, some kind of board, which stays moist, and is detaching around the tub,
What you have described is clearly not the definition of safe and sanitary housing. I suggest you write down your concerns, mail it to the landlord, return receipt requested. If the landlord still does nothing and you wish to continue living there (under safe & sanitary conditions) contact code enforcement in your county. I am quite certain your landlord will take care of your concerns quickly, as he will be given a time limit in which to comply with code enforcements assessment.

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