What Is Section 8 Housing?


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The American Government began to sponsor housing programs during the great depression in the 1930s. Secion 8 is the name given to the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The legislation passed the Housing and Community Development Act in 1974 to modify the U.S. Housing Act of 1937. This meant that tenants will pay 30 percent of the rent while the government will pick up the rest of the tab.    Section 8 Housing is further divided into three smaller programs - New Construction, Substantial Rehabilitation, and Existing Housing Certificate. Section 8 Housing differs from other state subsided housing programs because the tenants can keep moving houses under the program. They do not have to stay in the same house for ever to take advantage of the benefits of Section 8 Housing. There are however certain states which are unable to provide this facility to the tenant. All participants have to follow certain rules and regulations. The most important rule is disclosure of a change in the income of the family. An increase in income might make them ineligible for Section 8 Housing.  
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I am already in public housing, will I be able to rec'd
Section 8?
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If you already live in public housing you can apply for the HCV (housing choice voucher) program when the waiting list is open. You can apply to any housing authority, regardless of location, and you can be on several at one time, relocating when a voucher becomes available for you to that area. You have to remain in their area for one year then you can request to "port" to a different location in the city or US.
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Just recieved my section 8. Its been 12 long yrs waiting on this list. Now I finally got it.Be careful they DON'T accept ANYONE with a criminal background. (Felonies) be careful before you add your significant other. They check EVERYTHING!!

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