Do I Have To Give My Landlord A Key If I Changed My Door Locks In The State Of Maryland?


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Arthur Wright answered
Yes this is true anywhere in the US
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Yes you do and he can charge you a fee for changing the lock, because you should have asked if you wanted the locks changed...the best to you the landlord should always have a key
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Lady D Bell answered
If you are a tenant of the landlord and do change your lock. The landlord have to give you an ok to do that and is suppose to get a key made.
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The landlord must have a key in case of emergency. The landlord is giving you the privilege of renting his/her home for a fee. Remember this property still belongs to the landlord and he/she probably has a deed with his/her name on it. If you had a house you owned ? Don't you think you should have a key? After all this is your house we're talking about. If you do not want a landlord to have a key , welcome to the land of ownership and you and whom ever you select will be the key holders once you OWN IT!
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My land lord is going through a devorce and Wants me to give a key to him and his new friend helping him. His ex wife and him discussed us changing the locks for safety reason when we signed the lease.  His ex wife name is still on the lease. He want this new lady to have axcess to our home who was not on the lease. Should I turn ove r a key knowing he is going to give one to her. His wife is backing us on this.

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