Under which condition(s) is it legal to operate a vessel in Illinois with someone sitting on the gunwale?


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It's illegal to operate a vessel in Illinois when someone is sitting on the gunwale; this rule is in effect because there is more possibility of a person being injured or thrown from the vessel when they are in this vulnerable position. It's important to study all rules for operating a vessel before taking a license test; it's also important to understand any other principles of safety related to boating. If you're new to boating and you need more tips on nautical safety, contact a local boating organization and ask for some tips and helpful advice.

  • Boating safety

Firstly, life jackets are an excellent way to ensure safety while riding in a boat or operating a boat. Especially in the case of children, life jackets should always be worn, and these life jackets should be certified by national safety associations. High-qualify life jackets provide reliable buoyancy, even in choppy seas or high winds. Even if boaters are excellent swimmers, life jackets provide supplemental protection that can save lives.

  • How to study boating safety   

If you're not currently registered for an official boating course, consider searching around online for some tutorials you can study to learn more about boating safety. As well, look for online resources, such as forums and message boards populated by avid boaters, so you can learn from people who are out on the water frequently. As a bonus, the relationships you build at these forums may feature people who live right in your community, and these people could possibly become "boating buddies" that you could hang out with in real life.

Learning specific state rules regarding boating regulations and safety guidelines can be very important - in general, you will need a valid license to go boating on your own vessel, and you can't get this license without passing a test that shows that you understand boating safety rules.

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