Is a "non-refundable pet deposit legal in Minnesota?


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This should have been brought up before you signed your lease if you advised them of a dog, otherwise the landlord cannot bring it up after the lease has been signed or for the length of the lease. Now he can bring it up at renewal time. The only way this is legal is if you just obtained dog after signing lease and moving in
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David Maciejeski
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Management WAS advised I had a cat, but NO mention was made of of ANY additional deposit- refundable (which I would find acceptable if notified in advance) or not. It was only after I had signed the 1 year lease that any mention was made of a pet deposit!
David Maciejeski
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The real question now is: Is there law I can reference in this matter?
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There are a lot of items in your lease that you may not be advised about. You are reponsible for reading the entire lease before you sign it. Once you signed the lease, you are legally bound by the lease, after all, no one forced you to sign.You signed it, so therefore you acknowleged it, so it is legal.I am sorry this is not what you want to hear, but there is a reason that we all have to sign documents, just because they did not advise you of anything, maybe you did not have a dog at the time, so there was no reason to bring it up, whatever, but regardless, your lease will cover pet policies, fees. It was your choice to read or not to read your lease at the time that you signed your lease.

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