How Can I Find Out If My Apartment Building Is In Foreclosure?


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You can easily check to see if your apartment block is in foreclosure if you are willing to put the time and effort into conducting research and making calls. All you need to do is go onto your local appraiser’s website, type in the address and follow links to find out the information that you are looking for. As it is your right as a tenant to know whether it is going to happen, you are in a strong position and will not be expected to move out straight away as it is not your fault.

Alternatively, you can remain in the dark as to whether your apartment building is in foreclosure or not. As you will not be thrown out of you apartment straight away, you will be able to have time to find somewhere else to live. However, you may have concerns with regards to your landlord paying the mortgage on the apartment building and you may want to check that your home is still secure.

Whatever the reasons may be, you are able to check if you will be affected by foreclosure and then you can act accordingly. It is not your responsibility to be expected to pay for the mortgage; you simply pay rent to the landlord. So there is no need to be worried and concerned when you are faced with the problems and moving arrangements due to foreclosure. Be aware that you don’t need to panic and that you aren’t going to be left on the streets with nowhere to live!
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I need to know is my building in foreclosure the address in 1903 Euclid ave Berwyn IL 60402
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Is my landlord losing his building
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How can I find out if my apartment building is in foreclosure..or if that bank took over the apartment.
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According to me internet is the best and easiest way to find your apartment building is in foreclosure. I always prefer to go online with real estate company name and address, I clicked on foreclosures on the page and after that got a list of the whole area.

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Yes, The best way is internet search and after that you go for the next step.

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I need to know is my building in foreclosure. I live at 706 E. 134th street, Bronx, NY
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How can I find out if my apartment is in foreclosure? And do I pay my rent for the month? What do I do?
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Any title company should be able to give you this answer fairly fast. They may charge a small fee to research this for you.
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I went on line with the Real Estate company's name and put in the address I wanted to know about..,I clicked on foreclosures on the page and got a list of them in the whole area.

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