How Tow Find Out If My House Is In Foreclosure?


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It is usually quite simple to find out whether the home you are living in is in foreclosure, as usually a Notice of Default is issued.

If you are the owner of the property, you should have already received letters, a phone call or some sort of correspondence informing you of a pending foreclosure, and this usually happens when you fall incredibly behind with payments.

However, if you rent the property, you're able to find out if your home is in foreclosure a number of ways, and the first is the local newspaper. When a property is in foreclosure, it is usually announced in the paper as a Notice of Default, this document is a public record, meaning anyone interested can access the information.

A Notice of Default can also be obtained by visiting your local County Recorder's Office who will be able to confirm that the house is in foreclosure and then provide you with the document. You may however need details of the property's owner in order to obtain it, so you may be refused access if you're unable to provide the details.

The safer and easiest way is to simply ask your landlord the question: Is my home in foreclosure? Usually, the landlord will be more than happy to tell you the situation surrounding your home, as then you are prepared that you may have to find somewhere else to live in the near future. It's also worth noting that most landlords will inform their tenants of a pending foreclosure to give the tenants plenty of time to vacate and re-locate to a new home.

If you own your property and are worried about foreclosure, contact your mortgage company to ask the status of your account, and if you rent, a simple phone call or email to your landlord should answer your concerns.

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I am living is a multiple family. I rent the 2nd floor. I suspected that the house is in foreclosure. How can I check this out to be sure?

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