Can You Legally Evict Someone From Your Home Who Is A Roommate?


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In most states it depends on if they are on the lease or not. If they are the owners would have to evict (and that means all tenants) based on money (not paying rent) or issues related to law such as destroying the property or drug issues related to the property. If they are not on the lease then most states allow you to get a court ordered eviction notice based on the same criteria. You would need to seek a lawyer in your area to see if you can and what issues you can raise. If he is just a bum and you let him stay for free from day one, you may have a problem.
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So if two people sign the lease which I was forced by my landloard to add my son once he turned 18 or we couldnt release.
Now that 18 year old refuses to help pay anything is using drugs and basicly coming and going at all times of the night..As well as trashing the place and I cant kick him out without having to go myself?
Thats hardly seems fair is there anything legeally I can do to get my son out but for me to remain?

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