What Date Can The Landlord Turn Off The Heat In Pennsylvania When It's Included In Your Rent?


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Hi I'm having the same problem accept my landlord does not live in our building I've been able to get him to turn it on for two days but as soon as the weather got warmer, barely, it was shutoff again , rent paid on time always, it is right around 61 degrees and I've got kids as well, this doesn't seem right
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The land lord most likely did not turn off your heat. It was probabily the company that bills you for the heat.That can easily be solved by paying your fills on time...
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The landlord controls the heat in their apartment on the first floor, it's included as part of the rent. When the weather got warmer for a few days they turned off the heat and now that's its colder again it's 61 inside the apartment. My question is, is there a specific date that the heat can be turned off if it's included with the rental of the apartment?
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I would knock on his door and ask him about it. Do not act or get mad but ask him it is the owners policy of his to cut the heat down to 61 which to me is too cold. Sounds like he trying to save money by doing that. Question: What are the other people on your floor saying about the heat. If you can get several other people to go with you that would help a lot.

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