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Webkinz is a line of stuffed animal toys that were first marketed by a Canadian company in 2005.  They are very similar to other small toys suitable for children with one exception. Each Webkinz toy has an attached tag that has a unique secret code printed on it that allows the owner access to a special website titled "Webkinz World.” Many kids have become addicted to the website and will stop at nothing to get access, and if a child wants access to a secret code that has not been used, the solution is simple. Do a Google search on "Webkinz secret codes”, and in no time at all your child will be surfing the Webkinz website like a pro.

There several types of Webkinz toys, some are normal pets that you'd expect to find in any normal household. Some are mythical creatures, others are wild animals, and some are complete fabrications of the imaginations of the makers. Each of them no matter what they resemble, comes with an eight character code, and by registering these codes the customer can adopt their pet in the virtual world of Webkinz. 

Once a Webkinz owner is part of this virtual world, there are many rare and exclusive items the owner can obtain. The items can be obtained using KinzCash by answering trivia questions, taking part in daily activities, and other bonus options that happen around the clock.  Many kids have grown addicted to the games on the site, causing concern for many parents. 

Webkinz toys are a great present for children’s birthdays, Christmas, and a number of other occasions, and are an excellent ways to teach kids basics about the Internet. Simply use discretion and limit a child's time online and you'll have provided your child a toy they will enjoy for some time to come.

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