Can Landlord Charge For Stove Drip Pans? I Thought That Is Normal Wear & Tear. They Are Expected To Be Used Aren't They?


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Cynthia answered
Some charge, some don't... But since it's in writing upfront you can't be surprised like most of us are on our walk thru's on final day or when we get the check minus the numerous charges 30 days later.

HINT>>> use foil to cover them up so they stay in the same condition as the day you got them. And replace the foil often... Also use oven cleaner on them if they get dirty just be careful not to scratch the metal up scrubbing them. Make sure to dry them off so they don't rust if you don't want to pay out the $10 to $15 to replace them.
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Suhail Ajmal answered
Yes, stove should be used and it is the normal wear and tear. Law varies from state to state. You must check your agreement before you can argue with the landlord.

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