How Much Can A Landlord Charge If A Tenant Has A Guest?


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You will want to check your state's law.

Generally you will want to check your lease. Your landlord cannot go against the lease. If your landlord wishes to make any changes to the lease they must give you 60 days notice (in the state of GA). So if your lease says nothing about guests, your landlord has NO RIGHT to charge them anything. In the state of GA it is ILLEGAL to profit off of utilities (which I'm assuming is your landlord's reasoning for charging your guest).

So bottom line is your landlord cannot charge a tenant for having a guest, unless it says so in your lease. Don't be taken advantage of!!!
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If the landlord is paying the water bill he can say a extra person there makes the water bill higher but not for a over night guest, if you have someone stay more than 5 days they can charge for extra utilities if the landlord is paying the utility bill, otherwise if it is not in the lease the answer is NO...the best to you

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