Is Landlord Responsible For Water, Sewer, And Garbage?


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Not if its not in the contract.
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I live in a apartment complex we are being charged for water, sewer and garbage along with lights burning out side it this legal for them to charge tenants?
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I rent an apartment and I get the water and sewage bill. Am I responsible for paying it or should the landlord pay it?
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Whether or not utilities like water, sewer, and garbage collection are the responsibility of the landlord or the tenant is determined by the lease that you signed. This is also true of other utilities such as gas and electricity. In fact, when people claim the Homestead credit on their U.S. Taxes, the tax form specifically asks whether heat is included in the rent or not.    If you are renting a house as opposed to an apartment, it is more likely that you would indeed be responsible for these expenses, as you would be the person directly affecting how much they cost. For example, if you're the only one using water at your address, and you leave the sink running constantly, it wouldn't be reasonable to expect your landlord to pay the exorbitant water bill that is likely to result.
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It's depend on your contract that you have sign with your landlords ..Mostly tenants have to pay water bill per month ...

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