Can My Mother-in-law Legally Just Throw Me Out Of Her House?


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Is there a reason why you are living with your Mother-In-Law (she is ill and you are helping care for her)?  And, WHY would you stay in a place where it seems that you are not wanted? 
Are you living there for free or are you giving your fair share of the "living expenses"?  I don't think you've presented the whole story.
If she is ill and you are helping provide her care...her illness could have a lot to do with it.....put yourself in her shoes....would you want your independence taken away?
Or, if you are NOT giving your fair share to the "living expenses" (utilities, groceries, yard work, etc.)....then I'd want the free loaders out too.
If it is her home, she has every right to ask/tell you to leave. 
Sorry, this is so harsh, but you have to look at BOTH sides of the coin to get the true picture. Good Luck!! Janes
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Oh yes she can....good for you for standing up to her but yea, she can throw you out. If your hubby was a man he would stand up to her as well in your defense. I can't believe your hubby made you put up with her being mean to you for 6 yrs! Maybe you should leave the hubby if he can't provide you with your own home after 6 yrs! He's not a man, he's a momma's boy....and this is your side, I would like to know her side as well.
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Do You Help Pay Any Bills? If Not She Can Do What Ever She Wants That's Her House.Don't You Think It's About Time You And Your Husband To Get Your Own House 6 Years That's To Long And She Rude To You That's A Sign For You And Your Husband To Leave.
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I agree with everyone else! First of all, what is HER side of the story? And next, WHY ARE YOU LIVING THERE?! After six years surely you and your husband are able to get out and support your selves? And, your husband needs to stick up for you if in fact his mother is in the wrong!
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I agree with some of the other people... First of all if you & your hubby are living there rent free and not doing anything to help her then she has every right to tell you to get out! Second of all why are ya'll living there in the first place? I don't like freeloaders at all, and if that's what ya'll are doing then if I were you the best thing to do is say GOODBYE! If you are tired of how she has been treating you, then why stay with her for 6 yrs.? Something don't add up... But like I said before ... GET OUT ! & go on with your lives!
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You people are very rude and I am not going to ask anymore questions on here. Yes we help out for your info!!! I do housework all day every day and we buy all of the groceries and the reason we are staying is because we can't afford to move out. And I have a disorder also. You people are all mean and don't know what you are talking about!!!
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It depends where you are. In California she can't kick you out without going through the eviction process. Regardless if you are paying or not.

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