At What Age Can I Kick My Out Of Control Son Out Of The House?


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If he is younger than 18 years of age unfortunately you can not kick him out of your house because you are and will be responsible for him until he turns 18 years old.

Now if he is 18 years old or even older you can tell him to not to let the door hit him where the good lord split him. If he is doing drugs and doing them in your home call the police or if you do not want to do that and he is a juvenile take him to juvenile court and I think they will help you put him in a drug rehab center.

And it also depends what state you live in. Now do you really want to kick him out or would you rather get him the help that he needs. Think about it and do what your gut tells you not your heart tells because there is a thing called tough love and it does work. But if it doesn't work on him then you have to come to the realization if he isn't respecting you the one that gave him life then he will never respect himself because you have to respect and love yourself before you can anyone else.

Just remember one thing you raised him and guided him through the tough years now it is his turn to guide himself. Unfortunately he has to hit rock bottom before he can see how he is hurting not only himself but the people who have loved him and who have been there for him. I will pray for you and your son and I hope everything works out for you and your husband and I also hope that your son starts to realize that they only friends actually in his life are his mom and dad.
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My heart is broken because I had to give my son 18 ultimatum.  He had to tell me the truth about where he had been and how he got 2 black eyes or leave my home.  He chose to leave rather than tell the truth.  He broke back in the next day and took things that he should not have.  We had to change the locks.  He has been out of control since he was 15.  Lying, skipping school, running away, drugs, sex, theft, you name it. I just don't understand why he chooses these things. I have given him repeated chances to change.  I took him to a psychologist, bought him art supplies to express himself, whatever I thought could reach him. I thought I had raised him better. He has stolen and lied so much that I cannot trust him.  It's demoralizing to me as a parent. I have no self worth left. The bottom line is that you have to be safe in your own home.  If your child, who is now an adult, is a threat to your safety, they have to go.
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It depends on your state laws, but in most states you can't until he is 18. If you do you can be charged with child neglect. In the meantime take the car away (hide the keys), start turning him in to the police when he is in possesion of drugs. Take him to a crisis center or call the police if he gets out of control. I know so many people in this situation and one of the important things is to get documentation of his behavior. It will take time but eventually he can be forced into a treatment program by the court system. Meanwhile I would have a consultation with an attorney that specializes in familiy issues... Good Luck
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To all the above people:  Kick out your dysfunctional child if they continue this destructive behavior after you've done everything you can.  You have become part of the problem, you have become codependent.  And ladies, if you are taking care of such a child of a "fiancee" and the father supports this behavior by allowing it to continue, then you are engaged to the wrong man.  It isn't love to let your loved one be hurt.  It is USING THEM.  Plain and simple.  Your gut tells you what to do.  Now do it and get on with your life.

Been there.
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I know it can be a struggle....I just went through it with my 15 year old. Please consider the legalities of the situation first and foremost. Go from there. There are options. Counseling, family therapy......stay away from snap judgement calls. They may be very painful in the end when the dust settles. Believe me.
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There is no "pat answer" It is in all of us to rebel in some way or at some time in our lives. Look at all of us in the world. Adam and Eve had the perfect parent and they still rebelled against God. None of us are perfect parents or kids or any human. Not point in beating yourself as a parent. At 18, drugs or alcohol means they must go. They'll have to manage. The hardest part is that when they engage in these substances, they change to having "addict logic" and it makes no sense to those of us who tried very hard as a parent to do the right things. God will have to deal with them now. Just pray and pray and pray....there is nothing else you can do to save them from themselves. God Bless.
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Best thing you can do is enroll him in a program that kicks him into shape and kicking him out probably would just get him to more trouble.
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Boot camp... Thats all I can say is send  them to boot camp ive read some of the stories on this page and most of you have the Same problem.... If they are under 18 send them to boot camp other wise kick em to the curb... Once someone is 18 they should be able to take care of them selves.....
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First let me respond to that one as a parent of a autistic son and theres days when I feel so aggitated that I feel the same but saying and doing are two different things if he is doing drugs or stealing there is options 1 is to put him into a program for those types of issues in addolecants2 is to have the child tested for mental illness and get him medicated 3 is to take him toa pychotrist and get him evaluated therefore solving if he has a mental illness may help the problem hope this helps
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Any time because it is your son , your home and you rules , but if my son is out of control then I will try to change him trying to ignore him and only advice when it is most required , but surely keep one eye on that one cause I wont dare to loose him at any cost , if it is my son .

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