What Happens After A 30 Day Notice And I Havent Vacated?


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The owner can have you physically removed, they don't need to get another court order to remove you, because you have already been given time to move out. I am sorry that you are in this predicament. Times seem to be getting tougher all the time of late. Terrible isn't it. I pray that things will look up for you soon.
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I live in a trailer that i own and have no way to move it or a place to move it yet im a single father of 2 and its all over a dog i thought they would have to take it to court first
Jacquelyn Mathis
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I thought you meant that you had already been served with court papers, if you haven't been served with those, then no, he can't make you leave, he has to have the court approve eviction papers. Sorry about the misunderstanding.
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The owner can get a police officer and have you escorted out and they can get a court order for that. It also depends if you have kids sometimes they wil give you a better chance at finding something especially in the winter time.

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